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So I Herd U (still) Liek Gaems...
Posted by: Amanda S (IP Logged)
Date: July 25, 2017 11:13PM

We're SUPER excited to say that Team Hivemind is turning 5 years old in 2018! (To put that in perspective...that's barely younger than how long I've been playing FI.)

We have a ton of stuff we'd love to do. As the Public Relations (and social media mastermind) half of the team, I've got a bunch of ideas we could do that I'd love to hammer out...but in the end, we really REALLY need your help.

"How can I?" I hear you cry into the night. "What can I do?"

There's a few really big ways.
First, the free way:
1: Like our Facebook and/or Instagram! Social media tends to promote pages with more likes. We aren't yet at 150 likes on Facebook, and we have maybe 80 Instagram followers. Really, you can find us on pretty much any social media as Team Hivemind or Team Hivemind Productions.
Already do follow us? Then...
1.5: Share our page! You'd be surprised at how much sharing a post of ours may be. Even if it's one of our Instagram posts, or sharing an event we're attending. Suggest friends to us! If you like any sort of board, card, tabletop game...we've got you covered. Heck, we're even writing a LARP book for throwing events in your backyard. And don't worry about skill or gaming career...we make things that you can play with anyone. We mean it.

2. Buy our stuff. Seriously. Even if you pay for it on Etsy and ask us to bring it to an event, it helps. More sales means the more games we can produce. And really, when our work queue is 34 individual PROJECTS long, not even games...most of those projects have several games attached!

Seriously, we really appreciate all the love and support from you guys. <3 See y'all at Fall 1! <3

Evelyn "Evie" Bowery
Biochemist, amateur lounge performer
Suddenly Cane Free

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