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You make your way toward the drop spot just outside Residential Zone 2, your four companions close behind you. The woods here are deceptively serene - no sign of civilization in any direction. The contrast between the Central Zone and the landscape before you is so severe it’s almost laughable, an amusing and somewhat unnerving place to conduct “business”. But this is where your contact said to meet him. So here you are, trudging through the woods, over a thick mat of leaves and branches, wondering how anyone could live in this place... until you remember that the Central Zone once looked like this, before the trees were hacked down, the forest floor cleansed with controlled fires, and then covered with roads and buildings. “Such are the needs of Man,” you think to yourself, “to consume everything around him.”

The silence of the woods is suddenly broken by the sound of a newcomer. You slide your hand down to the holster at your hip and turn to see a man approaching. A sigh of relief escapes your lips when you see that he is not wearing the standard blues, the colors of the local Marshall. He is dressed instead in an orange jumpsuit – the standard issue for maintenance personnel.

But the relief is quickly replaced by wariness. As an Aleph Yameen, focused in the discipline of Psychology, you have a way of sizing people up. Even without the blue uniform, you can tell this man is nothing but trouble. The others in your group know it too. A quick glance shows each of your companions resting a hand on their weapons.

"You the people say'd they'd help get the medicine to Sector D?" he asks. You can tell from his gruff tone that he is as uncomfortable being out here as the rest of you.

As his words sink in, you wince, your companions’ groans mirroring your own sentiments. At your reaction, the man smirks. “What,” he asks mockingly, “ya didn’t think the job paid this well fer nothin’, did ya?”

The assignment called for a medicine delivery, but you were never told the destination. At least next time you’ll know to ask questions first. Only the desperate or the insane go out to Sector D. It’s no-man's land, outside of the colony security net. Out there lurk things that are made of nightmares. The only known encampment in Sector D is the labor camp. There are hundreds of Freeborn out there, scouring the forest for much-needed resources. If they are sending you to deliver medicine in those parts, well that means that they are in some serious trouble. If you don’t get them their medication, lots of people will suffer come winter...including your own.

You look to your group. Not one of them looks pleased, but they are waiting patiently without a word of complaint. You give each of them a questioning look, offering them a chance to get out now, but each nods slightly in response. Seems they are resolved to head out there and save those people. A wry smile grows on your face. Looks like it is time to become heroes!

A single question crosses your mind as you and your group suit up, though. What, exactly, are the Freeborn suffering from that requires such a large shipment of medicine?

What does the wilderness have in store for our hero? Was the wilderness really as deadly as they had heard, or was it the makings of someone's overactive imagination? Our heroes need to deliver the medicine to the labor camp, or many innocent people are going to die. What do you think he should do? Help? Run? Fight? What if you could be that hero! What if you could be the one to decide what you would do in the face of danger?

If you want to do more than watch movies, read books or play tabletop roleplaying-games, then we have an experience for you! Future Imperfect puts you in the middle of the action! Face off against the mysteries of an unexplored planet! Fight for survival against the elements, the wilderness, and your fellow man! Forge a world of your own design! Explore technology as research and development advances your colony by leaps and bounds! Work for the law and the common good, or ally with the criminal underworld and go into business for yourself!
Your options are nearly limitless as you participate in our weekend-long (three days) "campaign-style" adventures. Campaign-style adventures are open ended storylines; this means your character can do whatever they want to do! Get involved with hundreds of different ongoing adventures during an event. Meet new friends. Tell tales at the bar. Hunt savages in the depths of the unexplored wood. Follow a treasure map. These adventures, and many others, are what is available to you! Once again, do not be afraid to use your ingenuity to travel down paths we had not anticipated. Your initiative and actions shape our game world and create new possibilities!

Going from this web site to the actual game is as easy as reading a book. This web site contains all the information you will need to participate: event schedule, directions, contact information for staff and players, role-playing tips, costume ideas, online rulebook, message board, and many other resources to give you all the details about the game. If you need any help or have any questions, please do not be afraid to contact us. Customer service is priority on our list so expect a speedy reply and the best answer possible to your inquiry.

From here, we encourage you to explore every corner of this web site. Get involved with what goes on at Future Imperfect via our message board or IRC sessions. We look forward to meeting you and are excited to guide you along your many adventures in the universe of Future Imperfect!

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