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Restore Cp
Posted by: Scout R (IP Logged)
Date: September 10, 2018 06:57PM


I sent this as an email to the rules staff, but realized I should probably post again because I realized something very silly...

The original email: 'I noticed there were no restore CP skills in the core procedure list, and wanted to check if that was intentional. If so, is the idea that those won’t exist at all, or that they need to be researched?'

However, since then, I realized that there is a basic psych skill which is:
Advanced Interviewing Techniques 30!*
When Restoring CP to a character not wearing Armor, you restore an
additional 10 CP.

As a spot of feedback, I think it is strange to have a base skill which improves restore CP, without a base procedure that lets you restore CP. It means that this skill exists from the beginning of the game, but is useless until at least the third event.


Re: Restore Cp
Posted by: David R (IP Logged)
Date: September 10, 2018 10:32PM

It is my understanding from conversation with Josh that the lack of restore procedure was an oversight and will be corrected once the correct method to do so is determined.

Re: Restore Cp
Posted by: Josh M (IP Logged)
Date: September 11, 2018 12:03PM

Yup, that was an oopsie, we will be adding one, at least, to the Core Procedures List.

-Josh Marcus
Head of Plot, FI 3

Re: Restore Cp
Posted by: Matt A (IP Logged)
Date: September 14, 2018 05:40PM

My 2 Credits,

Have we considered No CP Restore Procedures and doing a couple CP Refresh Events in game?

I know a few other games that have Refreshes during Meal times and the like.

Sat AM Breakfast
Sat PM Dinner
Sun AM Breakfast

I feel like this would allow for some recouping of skills for players and allow them to not "Hold It all" for a sunday that may or may not need it. Like wise it will prevent the need to have to Police and Worry about Restore CP Mechanics.

Allows for players to really give it their all for epic moments during periods of the game and simulates the down time and body recovering over time.

Leader of Vanguard Squad, Archipelago Liberation Forces

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