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The Reg Expire Timer.
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: February 11, 2012 11:04AM

So, funny story.. I know some of you have the same, or very similar, one.. So I called Kevin last night to remind him that it was getting close to 12. He logged in and while we were on the phone I registered and he registered. Shortly after he registered he told me that there was a countdown on his page because he hadn't paid yet. As I'm sure is the story with a lot of people, he wouldn't have the money to pay till he got paid again.. Well, smeg.. I am not going to have people lose out on registrations because pay week does not fall on our reg dates.. So, I did what any good friend would do - I lent him the money so he wouldn't lose his spot..

Now your asking - nice story but, really, who cares..

Shortly after I got off the phone with him I start seeing people posting on Facebook about this timer and I then I think, who even wants this timer? 2 hours seems HARSH, especially when we are getting close to cap already..

So, into the code we go.. The timer has been disabled which is why everyone is now seeing something silly like -8 hours (@Patrick)

We will most likely re-institute the timer but it will be something more realistic like two weeks.

Sorry for the headache this may have caused any of you last night.

Anthony Linkens
-Executive Director

Deputy Laal Umani

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