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Unclassified: Before Your First Event.
Posted by: Andrew B (IP Logged)
Date: September 4, 2018 10:39AM

It's not explicit in the current iteration of the rulebook, but it sounds like every character always starts as unclassified, even if they never attend an event with that designation. Is that correct?

Example: If I were to make a character who would attend their first event already designated as 'gimel', there would still be a period during character creation where said character was unclassified?

I imagine the way to visualize that transition would be:
-Pick a character concept - Gunz and Food
-Classification: Start as unclassified
-Unclassified Favored Discipline: Production
-Unclassified Favored Skills: Gathers count towards Production (Aleph)
-Now pick Gimel
-Current Favored disciplines: Combat and Production
-Current Favored Skills: Gathers towards production, Armor+Vit towards Combat.
-Now buy skills.

If this is how 'Unclassified' is intended to work, it may be beneficial to rewrite that portion of the description to clarify that "all characters begin the creation process as unclassified, even if they select a classification before their first event."

Re: Unclassified: Before Your First Event.
Posted by: Josh M (IP Logged)
Date: September 4, 2018 02:43PM

Yes. Will take a look at how we might reword that.

-Josh Marcus
Head of Plot, FI 3

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