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BBQ Silent Auction: MIND GEMS
Posted by: Steph T (IP Logged)
Date: September 27, 2018 03:29PM

WHEN: This Saturday, September 29th
WHERE: Stu's BBQ! (See www.future-imperfect.com)

In times of seemingly insurmountable challenge, when the fate of humanity itself is on the line, humans have demonstrated an impossible ability to excel. Like a carbon chain crystallizing into a diamond under pressure, humanity rises above what was ever thought possible.

These are special one-use cards only valid for use at the finale events of FI2 (either the October 2018 event or the epilogue event). The ability the card bestows cannot be duplicated, refreshed, transferred, copied, modified, etc by any means. The cards cannot be stolen, but if you wish to gift a card to someone else, go for it. Once the card has been activated, tear off a corner to mark that it has been used. Any Mind Gem that includes the Bestow keyword does not use an enhancement slot.

* Amethyst Mind Gem: Restore All CP
* Ruby Mind Gem: Bestow 10x Pierce
* Sapphire Mind Gem: Bestow 10x Dodge
* Emerald Mind Gem: Bestow 10x “Bio, Heal 1 Vitality Instantly“
* Diamond Mind Gem: Raise Base Vitality to 6 for 1 Hour
* Jade Mind Gem: Bestow 20 Genius (in Discipline of your choice)
* Obsidian Mind Gem: Bestow 20 Technician (in Discipline of your choice)
* Topaz Mind Gem: Bestow 20 Engineer (in Discipline of your choice)
* Chromium Mind Gem: Bestow 10x “Physics, Damage 5 to Automaton”
* Uranium Mind Gem: Bestow 5x Recharge 1 Use to Device (Any Level)
(We reserve the right to add Mind Gems to this list!)

The silent auction will open at 1PM (or as soon as Steph arrives and sets it up!) and close at 5PM. All bids must end up on the bid sheets; if you’re not able to make the barbeque, you can have a friend bid on your behalf (make sure to let your friend know your max bid!).

The bid for each will open at 10 UP. The minimum increase on each bid is 5 UP. If you need a few more UP, we’ll be accepting donations (cash or PayPal) at a $1-to-1 UP exchange rate, with 100% of proceeds going to Feed-a-Cast.

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