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Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: December 14, 2011 04:13PM

Derek posted this on the Forumotion Forum, I am moving it over.

"To anyone in within a fifty-mile radius of the settlement of Catalyst, you are in imminent danger. This is Commander Cassius Ten, Commander of the Armed Forces of the Dougherty Caste, Forward Evolution Initiative. The sirens you hear are an automated early warning system, designed to warn of catastrophic colony-wide events. Our last encounter with these sirens was followed by a massive neutron-bomb detonation at the heart of where Catalyst now stands. We've secured a small bunker within Aleph Complex that should be deep enough to block the neutron radiation, but it has only a limited amount of available space, so please come immediately and pack as little as you need to survive the coming months. We will establish a perimeter around Aleph Complex to maintain order, until such time as we must withdraw to reach minimum safe distance. After that, you are on your own. This message will be automatically rebroadcast every two minutes. If you can hear this, please hurry. You don't have much time...

... To anyone in within a fifty-mile radius of the settlement of Catalyst, you are in imminent danger...."

We are proud to announce our upcoming Winter Event:

Future Imperfect: Apocalypse Ascendant
Saturday, February 4, 2012
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Sturbridge Host Hotel

Registration is now open. Click here to Register

A block of rooms will be available at the Sturbridge Host once registration is open. Simply mention "Future Imperfect" when booking your room to receive the discount rate of 109.00/night.

As we did during our previous years, we'll be hosting a dinner outing at the Oxhead Tavern, located on the hotel grounds. Feel free to join us for food, drink and our annual awards ceremony, where we regale you with our most memorable (and humorous) moments of the last year.

We hope you're as excited as we are for our return!

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Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: December 14, 2011 04:20PM

To prevent people from having to bounce back and forth I am going to post the forumotion thread here:

Not to jump the detonation, but does that mean all the devices we don't bring with us or the immobile ones get wasted?

Michel Stango

RMatthes on Mon 24 Oct 2011 - 20:51

Sounds pretty FOIG to me!

MichelS on Mon 24 Oct 2011 - 21:34

Perhaps, but what’s not FOIG is my limited car space.

Derek on Wed 26 Oct 2011 - 17:08

If it is immobile, don't worry about bringing it to the one-day event.

If it can be carried, I recommend you bring it.

How game items will be handled is a FOIG situation, but we can let you know this much.

Hope this helps,

MichelS on Wed 26 Oct 2011 - 17:11

Ah, thank you.

beldinyyz on Sat 5 Nov 2011 - 23:34

Is there an in-game date for this impending boomathon? Given Mama Cauchy hasn't completed her assignment yet (and it's indoors) what IG month is this happening in?

Sophia on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 9:54

Jordan is four months old. He was born in early July.

Derek on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 9:58

I expect we'll follow the same date format that we did throughout the campaign, which would make the game date:

CY 04:02:04:13:00:00

However, anyone who had any time-sensitive game goals will be given leeway to account for our absence, so no need to fret there.

Hope this helps,

beldinyyz on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 9:59

So much for the baby gender pool. Oh well, I'm sure the fact that everyone could die before the day ended would put a damper on the wagering anyway

<grumble mutter>

Ori's alter ego

Derek on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 10:01

If I recall correctly, Jordan is a gender-ambivalent name. Therefore, the pool is on, methinks!


Sophia on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 10:14


And for the nerdy who are wondering why the baby's name is Jordan, google "Jordan Curves" because apparently I have to have an account for seven days to post lniks.

beldinyyz on Mon 7 Nov 2011 - 18:41

Begging your pardon, sir and ma'am, but if Jordan was born in July, and it's now November, I'd be hard pressed to believe nobody has looked yet. Even if they didn't talk about it, the fact that the gender has been determined would tend to kill action. Unless nobody has peeked, and Jordan's Gender is some kind of quantum event, of course. Schrodinger's kid? (spelling approximate because I'm too lazy to go look it up)

I'm all in favor of betting on a sure thing, of course, but not when someone else knows that sure thing, and I don't.

Ori - Informed Wagerer

(Leaving aside Ms Cauchy's initial post " Jordan is four months old. HE (emphasis added) was born in July)

Sophia on Tue 8 Nov 2011 - 9:51

I love it! Jordan is in a box and for now is both a girl and a boy.

But, that aside, you are assuming that Sophia and Jake are just prancing upon the colony with their little bundle. Not a good idea. You've never met Jordan. And, I could be lying about the gender. I could have my little girl dressed up like a boy, or my little boy wearing a bow on his head just to throw off your wager. For that matter, Jordan could have been liquefied and the remains are currently stored within a baby bottle and carried around for emotional reasons!

beldinyyz on Tue 8 Nov 2011 - 10:29

While all that is possible, none of it is PROBABLE. The most likely state of events is that the gender was determined male. Of course, by my stating that publicly, the wizards at plot could be debating whether to redact that determination and make enough noises to throw the whole thing in doubt.

Someone once said that when a statement becomes part of the event, it becomes unknowable (or something like that.) Given that plot apparently WANTS the gender unknown, and can rewrite it if they want, I suppose the pool is back on.

Of course, Ori would STILL appreciate inside information anyway.

End Page 1

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: December 14, 2011 04:26PM

Erin on Wed 9 Nov 2011 - 17:24

Yes, I'm impatient.

Registration for the one day is set to begin in less than 48 hours. How? Where? How much? Inquiring minds (and bank accounts) want to know.

Charlotteoneye on Thu 10 Nov 2011 - 8:46

Are you guys going to need any extra NPC's for the winter event? I'm in the clear for that weekend and would love to come out and help out.


Derek on Thu 10 Nov 2011 - 10:32

Absolutely! We can always use more NPCs to help us out! Thanks for the offer!


alinkens on Fri 11 Nov 2011 - 22:08

Registration open..

Art Phoenix on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 0:38

Ok the date of this impending doom is CY 04:02:04:13:00:00. The message that is being broadcasted states you don't have much time. So does that mean the colony is not hearing that until the above-mentioned date or has that announcement been going on for the past few weeks in game and don't have much time means you only have 3 months or so? just a question to know how or if there should be any coraspondance via the "in-game" board.

Thank you,

Mike Iacoviello

Art Phoenix
"Can't kill a man born to hang"[right]

Derek on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 12:19


Mike brought up a good point. The timetable for the event is as follows:

-2 Hours from Game On: Warning Sirens begin to blare from Aleph Complex with no explanation

-1 Hour from Game On: The message begins to broadcast on all radio frequencies, warning of neutron detonations on the surface of Catalyst.

Game On: FEI Dougherty troops form a perimeter around Aleph Complex to ensure an orderly entrance into the bunker and to prevent riots. Catalyst citizens enter the bunker.

+5 Hours from Game On: Neutron detonations are expected to begin across the surface of Catalyst.

Hope this clears things up,

Sophia on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 17:44

Great, the Doherty Caste is our savior...this leave a bad taste with anyone else?

Art Phoenix on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 17:48

Yes, thank you Derek.

Mike Iacoviello

Art Phoenix
"Can't kill a man born to hang"

beldinyyz on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 19:04

You mean apart from wondering if the whole thing is a scam to loot the compound, and maybe kill us all? Naw.

Ori's a bit of a cynic sometimes, Ori is.

Amber on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 19:27

Jeez, guys, what did the Dougherty Caste ever do to you guys to make you so untrusting?

Oh, wait.


Amber R.

beldinyyz on Mon 14 Nov 2011 - 19:34

Ori's a relatively new thaw, remember. Defrosted at last year's one day. Doesn't know any caste from a cast iron stove.

He's just got a lifetime's worth of scams and deceptions stuck in his head.

If someone WANTED to loot and destroy, herding the locals into a locked box underground seems a very efficient way of doing it.

Not that anyone would ever do such a thing, of course.

Sophia on Tue 15 Nov 2011 - 9:29

They can loot the colony all they want, I'm more worried about being left in the cold for my generic line to die out or worse, brought into a fairly small conference room with Lucian, Molly and their numeral bearing thugs.

We can one shot infinite knockdowns, subdues and blade skills for the one day, right...

beldinyyz on Tue 15 Nov 2011 - 9:40

That thought could have occurred to Ori as well. Of course, discussing it IC would be limited to 1 hour of actual warning time. Not a nice time for anyone to be in a confined space. Someone who was targeted by anyone, much less so.

You'll remember the first comment was about a plot to kill everyone. Subsets are also possible.

Erin on Tue 15 Nov 2011 - 11:45

An overtake the colony plot? Surely you jest; that could never happen.

In all seriousness, I like to think plot has more ideas than that for the one day. Ali...different story, haha.

Derek on Mon 21 Nov 2011 - 11:03

Why yes, Erin... we have... more... ideas for plot....



End Page 2

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: December 14, 2011 04:27PM

beldinyyz on Tue 22 Nov 2011 - 8:57

Oh crap! I'm sorry. I thought that plot team member I got drunk was just kidding......

FiFi on Sun 4 Dec 2011 - 2:17

Isnt that always the case? get someone drunk , dont realise they were important... SOMEHOW meet the writer for a well known shooting and hunting mag. and a guy who knows Tom Knapp personally in the same day....true story.

PKKeeffe on Tue 6 Dec 2011 - 23:00

so just out of curiosity...if a character has someone in their history that is quite important to their goals and what they wish to accomplish in the near future who doesn't have a cast rep. quite yet...is that character to assume the person has been vaporized?

Amber on Sat 10 Dec 2011 - 11:48

Any such assumption might be proven to be incorrect, methinks. Not that we don't reserve the right to kill swaths of people at a time... but would just vaping someone important to your history for no purpose really be in keeping with the spirit of the writing at FI?

When we kill your loved ones, we do it for impact, for drama, and for effect. Not just cuz we don't have a cast member to dress up as them yet.

We kill with love!

beldinyyz on Sat 10 Dec 2011 - 23:33

"We kill with love": Nominated, for most "Evil Empire" sounding comment of the year

FiFi on Mon 12 Dec 2011 - 14:25


Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Emma T (IP Logged)
Date: December 21, 2011 07:49PM

so it wont let me log in as FiFi anymore...

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Chelsea S (IP Logged)
Date: January 7, 2012 02:40AM


If we are just starting the game, would this be a good event to start at?

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Michel S (IP Logged)
Date: January 7, 2012 10:35AM

You bet, the winter event usally is.

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Erin B (IP Logged)
Date: January 10, 2012 12:05PM

Especially given the expected upheaval, I agree that it's a great place to start. Be prepared to soak up lots of IG info!

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Amber R (IP Logged)
Date: January 10, 2012 12:27PM

Upheaval? Are we expecting trouble?

*innocent face*

Retired Logistics Goddess

Neve O'Brien(RIP), Magnus Sulara Oratia Somerton, Songbird, Elias Amory, Dr. Ara Grintner (formerly ZG) , Jane Sawyer, and Grace (just Grace)

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Anthony L (IP Logged)
Date: January 10, 2012 01:16PM

It's probably just a test of the emergency broadcast system.. I mean, we probably don't even have anything to worry about..

-- This statement is NOT an IG statement by Laal, it is indeed a sarcastic OOG comment.. Just wanted to clarify that Laal was not that dumb..

Anthony Linkens
-Executive Director

Deputy Laal Umani

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Chris M (IP Logged)
Date: January 11, 2012 01:40AM

Anything following a comment about Amber's "Innocent face" would need to be taken with a significant quantity of NaCl

Re: Winter 2012 Event: "apocalypse Ascendant"
Posted by: Patrick K (IP Logged)
Date: January 16, 2012 04:58PM

Amber: I very much appreciate the "Kill with love" comment...but not exactly one of my character's loved ones...lol. But thank you for not vaping him!

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