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Coalition Character Type Changes
Posted by: Rhiannon C (IP Logged)
Date: October 25, 2021 04:29PM

If you have a Coalition skill that says "If X, then your character becomes a Y," but it's unclear if the X condition is permanent, can you undo X to go back to being a normal person?

To use an example that's not one I know of existing, say you are Universal Mind. You have a skill that lets you pass out walkie talkies to other UM players and communicate across distance. It may say something like:
"If you have 4 or more walkie talkies in play on a single channel, you become a Node." In this case, a Node might have weird rules that apply to it regarding effects, healing, etc.

In the above scenario, could you just turn off the radio, take some back, or change your comms channel if you didn't want to be a Node anymore? Or is it that once you decide to do it, you're a Node for the rest of the event?

It's possible this is a case by case scenario and the answer changes based on the skill, but since it's a thing I know happens in multiple Coalitions, I figure I might as well ask about a potential general answer.

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Re: Coalition Character Type Changes
Posted by: Ethan G (IP Logged)
Date: October 26, 2021 10:22AM

I imagine no. Unless the effect is "While X, you are Y". If you BECOME a Node you are a node, if you turn off your mind links you are a node on airplane mode. If you want to denode you gotta learn the undo denode skill.

I base this guess more on how it works in coding and the like though, if the trigger is "If" then it only checks once, its not a while loop.

Re: Coalition Character Type Changes
Posted by: Erin B (IP Logged)
Date: November 29, 2021 12:20AM

Yes, if it's like any of the Coalition stuff I've seen. I don't know if it is uniform across Coalitions but there are multiple instances of crossing a threshold of some kind in order to have that change take place.

For example: if the number of Implants you have installed is >/= your max Vitality, you are an Automaton for the purposes of game effects. Lose enough Implants to get below your max Vitality and you're no longer an Automaton. It's not a one and done.

My understanding is that as long as the threshold criteria is met, you have/are treated as having [condition]. Dip below that threshold and [condition] is removed.

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