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Fi3 Beta Rules V 0.3.3
Posted by: James P (IP Logged)
Date: November 1, 2018 02:20PM


Hi there!

We’re proud to announce the release of our Beta Rulebook. It still has a lot of work to go before it is our official rulebook, and we are still welcoming constructive feedback in getting it ready to go. Below is our list of known issues which we plan to address over the coming two months, updating the posted Beta Rules as we go. There are a number of changes that we have made to the rules in response to player feedback that didn’t make it into this formatting of the rules; that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to do them, it just means that due to logistical issues they didn’t make it into this run at getting the Rules put together. We will be adding them soon.

On behalf of all of us on the FI 3 Plot Team, thank you for your continuing feedback, and please enjoy!

P10-12 Class Descriptions need to be expanded upon and fixed.
P17 “Genius Prime” should read “Pure Genius”
P18 Skill List: This has been updated in many ways, most should be listed below.
P19 Vitality is now 10/20/30.
P19-20 Punch: Punch has been simplified. For each purchase, you may deliver “Knockdown” By Fist Packet. They recharge 1/minute, rather than all in 5 minutes. You still get 1 per Permanent Vitality free. They can now be spent to Reflexively Resist a Knockdown that hits a limb.
P20 Two Weapons has had its cost reduced to 20. Armor is now 10/20/30.
P21 “Panicillin” is the correct title for the “Bio, Cure Sepsis” skill.
P22 “Applied Welding Techniques” is now “Exothermic Reactions Expert”, with effect: When throwing all your packets at once in any Packet-delivered Burst Effect, you may throw an additional packet per Chem Theory Level you have. “Simple Chemical Bond” is now “Caustic Reagent” and is “Chem, Pain”.
P23 “Complex Chemical Bond” is now “Whetting Stone” and is “Chem, Bestow ‘Maim’ through Blade”. “Industrial Solvent” now reads “Chem, Cure Bind and Cure Immobilize.” IFF Protocols: Should be “to Automaton”
P24 “Freshman [Spark]” is now “Freshman Recursion” and is “Math, Recursion Level 1 Demonstrated Effect [Recursioned Effect Call]”. “Sophomore Spark” is now “Death Chip Maintenance” and is “Math, Bestow [Resist/Barrier vs] Quickdeath through Mind.”
P25 “Applied Demolition Techniques” now has the text: “PHYSICS, PRY 1!” (must be shouted) can be Prepared after 2 minute RP with Physics Discipline Kit. Or, 2 minutes RP with Physics Discipline Kit to add +1 Pry to a Pry Effect you create, and you must now shout it when you deliver it. “Freshman Safecracker” is now “Zap” and is “Physics, Pain.” “Sophomore Safecracker is now “Winging Pulse” and is “Physics, Bestow ‘Maim’ through Firearm.”
P26 “Advanced Interview Techniques” is now “After 2 minutes of Interview Time you may deliver the effect ‘Psych, Cure Compel’.”
P27 Armor is 10/20/30 and should be in General Skills. Guns are now 10/20/30.
P29 Applied Locksmithing Techniques is now: “Stealth, Begin Pry, (2 minute RP) Stealth Pry 1” can be delivered or Prepared after 2 minute RP with Stealth Discipline Kit. Or, you may add +1 Pry to a Pry Effect you create, and it now requires an extra 2 minutes of RP before you can deliver the Effect (1 minute if Stealth is Favored for you). “Surefooted” is now “Stealth, Bestow [Resist/Barrier vs] Maim to Legs through Tactics”.
P30 Escape Artist now reads “Stealth, Cure Bind and Cure Immobilize, to Self”. Quick Patch Job is now “Production, Begin Repair, (2 minute RP), Production [Cure Disable, or Repair Base Vitality to Automaton]”.
P36 Psych Discipline “may use” the Interview rules, this was not meant to imply “must”.
P37 We will use another example for Psych from Level 4 as that Procedure no longer exists at that level.
P38 Environmental Effect: change to “not usually...” a standard effect to reflect actual usage in play. “To Self”: Any person gaining the benefits of an AMP takes any related Addiction Call, user as well as recipient. Burst: Option explicitly added for throwing all Packets at once.
P40 At top of page, should say “Delivery method”, not “Method”. We are using the term “Method” to refer to Engineering, Genius, or Technician.
P41 text formatting issues
P47 Top of page for Dodge/Parry: “use the shorthand call when bestowing the Effect, and simply call ‘Resist’ when using up the Bestowed Effect.” Mid: Guns changed, per discussion, full write up complete but needs to be input into Rules doc.
P47-50 Armor rules updated, full write up complete but needs to be input into Rules doc.
P53 Reset Death Sequence: Exact wording is pending based upon reprogramming of Rez Bed to fit desired parameters. It will function the same as it does now from the Player using the Reset card’s perspective.
P54 In “Reduce” description, “Barrier” used mistakenly due to copy/paste issue.
P55 “Stim” Effects need to be removed, per popular demand. “Surgery” rules have been written up but need to be added to the Rules doc.
P56 We are looking for feedback on a better name for “Berserk” so as not to encourage unsafe RP. Suggestions are welcome. Current candidates include “Bewilder”, “Confuse”, and “Friendly Fire”. We are trying to create an effect where you consider everyone to be equally hostile to you, not frenzied aggression. Please help us come up with a good call.
P57 “Forget” should be removed as a call, as it has been looped into “Compel” functionality.
P58 “Backlash” can sometimes function against Gun and Packet delivered effects, trust the person making the call to know the parameters for their “Backlash”.
P59-60 “Infect” will now be “Inflict”, to more broadly cover a wider range of ailments you can encounter in the world and reduce call bloat.
P60 “Mangle [Limb]” is what “Wither” was, per feedback. Please point out hold overs we’ve missed.
P61 “Silence” should be “...preparing Psychology Procedures by Interview...”. “Unload Weapon” has been removed in favor of just using “Disable Weapon” and reducing call bloat, as well as causing fewer issues for Dart retention and use.
P62 “Wither” has been consolidated under the name “Mangle”.
P63 Need to update to “Inflict” wording for Diseases and Addictions.
P65 Need to update to “Inflict’ wording for Diseases and Addictions.
P69 & 70 We have a list of example Perks written up and ready to go, they just didn’t quite make it into the Rules doc. We will have them ASAP in the next revision, and have posted them in their own Post.
P85-88 Modifiers need to be formatted into tables with bordered cells. Working on it.
P96-102 Modifiers need to be formatted into tables with bordered cells. Working on it.
P106-137 Procedures need their Resource costs and flavor descriptions. Working on it. Some Procedures may get rewrites for clarity in the process.
P138 Rainbow Road is in progress. Working on it.
P139 We left this section out in favor of getting something up today, we will be adding as soon as we have it fully copied and pasted.
P141 “Worker” rule: We’re adding a little something to encourage people to clean up during the event so it’s easier at the end and things stay tidy. If you spend 10 minutes cleaning up around the site, picking up darts and packets, bussing tables, organizing chairs and tables, etc. you may “Restore 10 CP to Self”. This may be combined with another Restore Effect to instead add +10 CP to that Restore.

We will add more as they are brought to our attention.

Assorted Issues to address (page number not yet associated)
Core Psych Procedure at TL 3: “Psych, Restore 10 CP”
Update Ingested Poison to describe sticker/sticker with tag.
Covert Warfare: Should be “Disable Weapon”
Logistical Warfare: Should be “Disable Device”
Universal Theory Cap: limits TL only, not CP investment.
Modifier Learning: You may learn or Research Modifiers up to twice your Theory Level. Core Modifiers selected must still be your TL or less.
Procedure List is cut short. Flurry of Fury suggested change will be implemented.
Locksmithing Effects should have in default description that it creates a key, and more keys may be created at a cost of Genius or Base Metal.
“Through Firearm” and “Through Gun” are being consolidated to just “Through Gun” for simplicity.
Rare Resource Prop Rules need to be finalized and added.
Pain and Knockdown should have included that a viable option for those less mobile, or stuck wading through mud, they may be taken as a full 3 seconds of incapacitation. Not “1-2-3”, but rather “1 Mothership, 2 Mothership, 3 Mothership”. Don’t cheese it.
Learning Section in Character Advancement, what you can learn each Event.

Edited 5 times. Last edit at 11/08/18 09:05PM

Re: Fi3 Beta Rules V 0.3.3
Posted by: Andrew B (IP Logged)
Date: November 7, 2018 10:21PM

P23: Non-Lethal Warfare: IFF Protocols

I believe the procedure call here is intended to be "Math, Compel [Spare/Attack] Me to Automaton", or else it's objectively better than Psychology.

Re: Fi3 Beta Rules V 0.3.3
Posted by: Josh M (IP Logged)
Date: November 8, 2018 09:06PM

Thank you, added to appropriate page from unsorted list.

-Josh Marcus
Head of Plot, FI 3

Re: Fi3 Beta Rules V 0.3.3
Posted by: Andrew B (IP Logged)
Date: November 8, 2018 11:08PM

Oh my bad I only checked on the relevant page number, I didn't check the whole list

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