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Fall 2 Research & Development Cycle
Posted by: Josh M (IP Logged)
Date: October 30, 2019 12:12PM

Hi everybody!

Future Imperfect 3 is a game where your character’s actions and activities can and will have profound effects upon the world and themselves. In order to keep track of this, we ask you to keep us in the loop by noting them in your PELs so we can hear how you felt about them, and, crucially, noting it in these surveys. It is crucial to us taking your actions into account as we update your characters and our notes on the current state of the world that you fill out these brief surveys.

DO NOT PUT THESE THINGS IN THE LEARNED SECTION OF YOUR PELS. That is strictly for things learned In Game (Blueprints, Formulas, Modifiers and Procedures) during the Event, and it helps our process to have that be as streamlined as possible.

Submitting a PEL is required for getting your Development Actions processed, if you do not submit one you will not reap the benefits of your Between Game Actions (BGAs).

DEADLINE: November 10th, Midnight, is the deadline. Please get them in sooner rather than later if you can, it helps us, and we will be having our next plot meeting on the 10th!

World Development Actions
Everybody gets one, and only one. These are considered to be mutually exclusive uses of your time.
World Development Actions

Personal Development Actions
Everybody gets one, Alephs get a second one in their Sciences (Aleph Yameen: Bio, Math, Psych & Aleph Semohl: Chem, Math, Physics), and some Perks may grant another. An extra one can usually be bought in the UP Store. These are considered to be things you can work on in your spare time while doing other stuff with the bulk of your time.
Personal Development Actions

Miscellaneous Actions
You might have any number of fortunate or unfortunate things happen to you during an event that we ask you to tell us about in your PEL. This is the place to report it officially.
Examples: You contracted a disease or an addiction (“Inflict” calls). You joined a Coalition. Somebody on Cast or a Hazard sign told you to note in your PEL that you had come into contact with MacGuffin #1. Etc.
Miscellaneous Actions

Research Projects
You only get one of these per Season during which you attend at least one Event. These represent a significant amount of time, effort, training, and/or damn lucky coincidences that teach you how to do something.
As long as you attended at least one Event this season you may input a Research Project for the Winter Research Cycle.
Research Projects

-Josh Marcus
Head of Plot, FI 3

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