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Cabin Assignments, Event 03
Posted by: Emrys P (IP Logged)
Date: August 6, 2019 06:17PM

Hello again, friends. Please find below your cabin assignments for the upcoming event.

Cabin 1 (Top of Hill)
Bancroft, Andrew (Callum Masterson)
Campbell, Rosemary (Elodia Al'Verre)
Chiacchiaro, Rhiannon (Siadona Briggs)
Gray, Jason (Dominic Ryvers)
Howells, Arden (Aongus MacFerdoc)
Mellor, Cynthia (Penelope Palik)
Rubenstein, Scout (R4tchet Sinclair)
Wade, Brandon (Yellowstone Grintner Swahn)
Warthen, Dyana-Marie (Rose Hasturi-Blackwell)
Zukas, Victoria (Laura Reed)

Cabin 2 (Top of Hill)
Anderson, Zachary (Valkyrie)
Baldock, Ryan (Adam Invictus)
Distin, Cassandra (Valentina Ruzhenkova)
Hyland, Jeff (Marcus Aster)
Hyland, Sabrina (Maddie Black)
Knobloch, Jennifer (Quipix Tak)
Lusis, Darren (Victor Quinn)
Prunier, Lee (Basil Easton)

Cabin 3 (Top of Hill)
Adams, Matt (Dax)
Kirk, Lara (Christina Albright)
Kissel, Zach (Nathan Townes)
Long, Ben (Stark 999)
Marshall, Sarah (Cindy Hasturi)
Minton, Wendy (Liena Dax)
Nelson, Melanie (Samantha Invictus)
Plourde, Todd (Tarik)

Cabin 4 (Bottom of Hill)
Goldman, Ethan (Tom Faraway)
Gorowara, Alexander (Oscar Nagpal)
MacDonald, Jason (Kiryl)
Peloquin, Em (K Roberts)
Rubenstein, David (Weston Lockley)
Tighe, Caleb (Andrew Lancaster)
Tilton, Paul (Eric Alda)

At current, we're still planning on using Cabin 5 as an IG space for the CDF, and we're hoping to keep doing so. But if your cabin needs change for any reason, please let me (Emrys) know via Help request, or Facebook PM if it's urgent.
See you in the Future!

Re: Cabin Assignments, Event 03
Posted by: Jason G (IP Logged)
Date: August 6, 2019 06:26PM

I'm just sayin, it's gonna be a reallllllllly hot weekend and 10 people crammed into cabin 1 is a lot.

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