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Legacy Procedures
Posted by: Josh M (IP Logged)
Date: February 18, 2019 08:05PM

Hi folks!

So the great changeover has begun, and we would like to let you bring over a bit of what you did in the last arc into the coming arc.


If you are playing the same character from FI 2 to FI 3, you may pick up to two (2) FI 2 Procedures your character knew to bring over as Core Procedure choices. These will replace one of your Core Procedure choices during character creation (the two you normally get from the Core Procedure List whenever you bump up your Discipline Theory Level). Send your choices to us in a Help Request. They should be in by the updating deadline or we will just not have time to approve your choices.

EXAMPLE 1: Dr. al-Harrani had Bio Theory 4 and Psych Theory 4 before he boarded Mothership. When he thaws, he is expecting to have Bio Theory 3 and Psych Theory 2. Looking over his choices he's pretty satisfied with his Core Procedures in Psych, but wants to carry over Lontrip Battle Stim (Bio 1) and Ipecac (Bio 2) into the next arc. He sends his Help Request, and asks for those and Tend Minor Wounds (Bio 1), Panicillin (Bio 2), Septicemia (Bio 3), and Trauma Surgery (Bio 3) as his other Bio Core Procedures.

EXAMPLE 2: Anton the Mudder had Chemistry Theory 2 before boarding Mothership, and plans to have the same when he lands. He sends his Help Request for Chem Shell (Chem 2) and Mudslug Round (Chem 2). The Science team takes a look at them and decides to change Mudslug Round to fit the rules for FI 3 and bestow "Subdue" through Firearm. They then inform Anton that Chem Shell just doesn't work under the new rules. Anton responds to the Help Request answer, saying he'd like to take Fragmentation Grenade: "Chem, Burst Damage 1" instead then, and the Science team responds that this will work just fine.

I cannot guarantee they will come out exactly the same as how they worked in the last arc, but we will try to keep the basic feel and flavor of them intact as best we can.

If you're doing something like playing the kid of your character, or someone raised by Stark's brain in a chicken, or I don't know what, please contact us via Help Request and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you on a case by case basis. In no case would you get more than two Legacy Procedures.

That being said... we are going to have some things posted up in the UP Store soon that may allow you to bring an extra little bit of knowledge with you through the mists of Cryoburn. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, we're looking forward to having some exciting options there for people to spend points on.

-Josh Marcus
Head of Plot, FI 3

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