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Friday Night Special Start! READ THIS POST!
Posted by: Steph T (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2018 09:19PM

I can barely believe it’s true, but this is now our final season of Future Imperfect 2. It’s been a hell of a ride telling this story along with all of you! We have big plans for how to finish this storyline, one of which is going to change up, somewhat, the structure of this coming Fall 1 event.

Those present at Spring 2 may recall that with the Network’s help, you went on a big offensive push against Sister’s robots, with the goal of pushing towards the 504 Protectorate called Trentvale. This was a massive operation, and over the summer, many of Touchstone’s allied forces (including PCs, Network, 504’s GDF and ADF troops; and supplied/aided by Navarro Security Forces) fought their way through the summer.

(This doesn’t take any of your dev actions/research actions, and you should not feel limited by this in terms of RPing what your character did over the summer - just giving you some context/options/getting everyone on the same page!)

What this is leading to is this: FRIDAY NIGHT OF GAME WILL NOT TAKE PLACE IN TOUCHSTONE. Instead, you will be arriving in Trentvale and facing an exciting challenge there (lots more details at player meeting!) which will play out over the course of the entire Friday night of game. After Friday game-off and before Saturday morning game-on, whether you’re successful in your mission or not, about a week of in-game time will pass as you travel home to Touchstone.

A few of you went on a dev-action mission over the summer. You’ll be starting in a slightly different location, but you’ll rejoin the main player base that night in Trentvale.

So, Trentvale is laid out just like Touchstone?
What a weird and hilarious coincidence. (We’ll change up some stuff, but obvs the layout is the layout. Make your hilarious jokes now so you can suspend your disbelief on game Friday. smiling smiley )

So Steph what does that mean for like, setup and stuff?
Oh man, I am glad you asked. Friday night before game, I would like you all to have your in game gear stored neatly under the beds in the cabins. Feel free to make your beds so you can crawl in right at the end of the night; but since those cabins will be representing a different location, I want to make absolutely sure that your personal belongings are safe and don’t get excitedly smooshed or whatever. If you have stuff that won’t fit under the beds, your best bet will be to store it in your cars, but of course let us know if you have any logistical complications. Oh, and the RV will not be an in-game location that night.

We’ll also be looking for some help to do the changeover. I haven’t quite decided how that’s all going to work, I think it’ll be something like, all the normal big infrastructure woods props will be out there but covered with a tarp or something for Friday, so we just have to uncover them and plug them in after game or in the morning. But yeah, we’ll work out those logistics and there will be volunteer thank-yous.

So wait, a week passes, which part is the part synced up with the regular calendar?
The Trentvale mission will take place “a week ago” (CY05:08:17) and the Touchstone part will be “normal time” (CY05:08:25-26). So you can keep your in game diaries or whatever.

I’m not sure that my character would really go to Trentvale.
That’s why we’re announcing this so early. Take the time to think of a reason they’d go. Brainstorm with your friends, ask someone to hit you over the head, reach out to cast with ideas, whatever it takes. With two games left we want you to enjoy every last bit that you can.

But what about this normal in-game responsibility that I would technically be stepping away from?
You won’t be penalized in any way. That would be a @#$%& move. Assume that you get some reasonable coverage.

Okay, I talked to my friends and I asked cast but even though I really tried, I just don’t want my character to go.
It’s your decision if you want to miss out on that experience, but if you’re really determined, you can come cast for the night.

I really love to hug and kiss the Autoforge first thing Friday night. I don’t think I can do that in Trentvale.
Yeah you’re going to be pretty busy. We’ll get you pre-game access, please be considerate about how much time you spend on it so that everyone can print what they need to print.

I have another question that hasn’t been addressed already.
Fire away below!

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Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Wendy M (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2018 10:06PM

What about those of us that went somewhere for research? Hannah is in the gallarias...

Liena “Ellie” Dax

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: David R (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2018 10:06PM

For Friday setup pre-game will you want PCs to help, or do you not want us early this event, so we aren't spoiled on layout?

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Steph T (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2018 11:10PM

Wendy: it’s fine. You finished then met up with the group.

David: I want setup help. If we need to do any sekkrit setup we’ll kick you out.

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Wendy M (IP Logged)
Date: August 1, 2018 11:38PM

I was just curious if I was off somewhere. I like story drama, but apparently not in the special dev action group smiling smiley

Liena “Ellie” Dax

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Steph T (IP Logged)
Date: August 2, 2018 09:55AM

No special start for y'all no smiling smiley we only have so many cast members!

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Wendy M (IP Logged)
Date: August 2, 2018 01:11PM

Now I’m curious who has one and why smiling smiley

But good to know the giant perfect drill research went well enough to justify sending the cast members off elsewhere. The Gallarais still stands!

Liena “Ellie” Dax

Re: Friday Night Special Start! Read This Post!
Posted by: Stu A (IP Logged)
Date: August 3, 2018 12:16PM

I will try to bee there early. As soon as I have the mobile lab unhitched and set up will help.

Also ignore Black loading in the 1.2 ton Lighting module Sat morning.

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