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Coalition Text Updates!
Posted by: Steph T (IP Logged)
Date: July 16, 2015 11:28AM

It's been most of a decade since these were touched, so this past weekend my team and I dusted off the ol' writeups. Enjoy!

The Archetechs
A fusion between Man and technology will bring about a golden age of evolution and understanding. Change is absolute. Climates shift, suns go nova or burn out, species evolve or go extinct. Humanity reached for the stars to find new habitats and escape extinction. Terraforming changed this world to make it habitable, but change never stops and this world will change again. If humanity cannot learn to adapt, extinction will be its fate.

We are the architects of the future: designing a new humanity. We are the archetypes of the future: testing the new forms that will carry us beyond human limits.

Technology is our body and soul. Unbound by organic limitations and human preconceptions, we become endlessly adaptable. We cannot stop change, but we can embrace it, become it, and transcend it.

We welcome those who would choose transformation over limitation, evolution over extinction, strength over frailty. Whether your role will be architect: designer, scientist, technician, inventor, or archetype: warrior, guardian, explorer, scout, we welcome all those who are ready to become the future.

Children of the Mother
Through our careful understanding of Mothership, we will be able to guide colonization to match the needs of the people, thus ushering a new age of bounty and prosperity.

Without the Mothership, there wouldn’t be a colony. Without Mother, we wouldn’t exist here. It’s her job. They programmed her that way at the beginning - to go out, find a place, start a colony, then move on once it was settled. The fact that we are here at all proves that Mother works. All we need to do to ensure the survival of the colony is make sure that Mother does what she has to do, without interference.

Others think they need to make themselves better with drugs, biotechnology, splicing or deep study of the genetic code. They’ve lost track of what’s really important. That’s why they spent all that time developing shortsighted technologies instead of learning what we know. Once you figure out how to talk to Mother, everything else gets to be much easier.

We know how to talk to Mother. It’s what we do best. We are her Children and Mother will always take care of her Children. We make sure of that.

The Forward Evolution Initiative
The key to human perfection lies in the human gene itself. The genes that allowed all of humanity’s greatest accomplishments are hidden in the human population’s gene pool. Using our technology, we can stimulate useful genes to express themselves in the individual. Through eugenics, we can find the genotypes that are best suited to thrive and bring about utopia.

What nature has begun, we have mastered. Through us, evolution itself has “evolved”. Before us, evolution was a blind, mindless, protracted beast lacking memory and direction. We have awakened evolution. With our help, it has become sentient. We have given it memory, vision and great haste. Evolution is neither our job nor our art. Evolution is our responsibility. We shall not fail humanity in this greatest of duties.

We of the Forward Evolution Initiative are the foremost experts in genetic engineering. Our painstaking efforts have provided us with vast amounts of data, which we use to ensure positive results. Our advanced technology allows us to increase our wealth of knowledge and complete studies with incredible speed. We have learned how to optimize the development of the individual based on genetic classification. We discover what genes to select for, and we know how each advancement brings us closer to a being perfectly suited to habitation on this planet.

The Preceperi
Humanity is the sum of their experiences. By experiencing everything that life has to offer, we can discard the imperfections of the psyche. Only then can we truly evolve.

It is an enduring fear of humanity that life has no meaning; we are born, we live, and we die without making any mark in the world. Before we are born, there is nothing. After we die, there is nothing. In the space in between, there is only potential.

The Preceperi understand that life is not a pre-determined progression of events, but a chaotic explosion of accidental phenomena. In order to fulfill our potential, we must first know that there is no inherent mystery in the existence of mankind. Humanity serves no greater purpose. Meaning is not imposed upon us; in order to find meaning, we must create it ourselves.

Others struggle to improve the body, but it is the human mind that achieved the great leaps that allowed colonization of the universe. The next step in human evolution is to discard the limitations on our own thoughts. Natural evolution created intelligence, now we must guide the evolution of thought. Experience is a whetstone to sharpen the mind and body, and it is a waste not to do everything in our power to expand our intake of it.

Chemical enhancement is only one of the ways we have found to open doors in the mind that would otherwise remain closed. We understand your fears. You do not want to die confused and unremarked. Your path is yours to tread, but we will help you make the most of your existence. With our help, you will be able to test the boundaries of your life, and then step past them.

The Universal Mind
All conflicts and misery stem from a fundamental misunderstandings between individuals. Through connected thought, all misunderstanding in personality can be overcome, resulting in perfect harmony between individuals.

They call us strange, a cult… a hive. That isn’t our way, really. It’s true, we can share thoughts, emotions, even the vigor of life is ours to combine and shape. The Vaizvaanara Manas, or Thought Matrix, allows us to be as one in the Mind. And what do we do with that mind? Try to help the rest of the straggling consciousness. This colony needs it.

Only the most intelligent make it into the Universal Mind. What do you think? You may be smart, but that can lead toward selfishness. We have no use for the smart and selfish. There’s no room for lone wolves in our thoughts. You help us with our ideas and we’ll help you with yours. So what do you say? Are you ready to take the leap forward and unlock the furthest reaches of your potential?

The Genengineers
Each organism is a bounty of potential waiting to be explored. By adapting our genes to best suit the environment, humanity can overcome any obstacle and thrive when others would wither and die. Of course, standard genetic splicing would only help the next generation. Why not find a way to improve people who have to live on this planet right now? Genetic infusions are the way of the future!

Our organization is about survival. The human form is merely the means to do so. If our form is ill-suited to our home, it is we who must change, not the planet. So, we search through our vast catalogs of DNA, be it animal or plant, for the best possible splices to better engineer ourselves. The end result is a work of beauty, a superior being with the best possible form for our environment. Animal instinct meets human reason. The best of all worlds.

Do you have what it take to be one of the fittest? To make evolution take a lifetime instead of a millennium? To evolve into a being that is far superior than mere Homo sapiens? If your answer is yes, welcome to the Genengineers!

The Medicants
Man’s greatest gift is their life. As medical advancement extends the functional lifetime, the opportunities available to humanity increase. A normal lifetime is not long enough to achieve your true potential. Through the advancement of medicine, it is possible to live long enough to achieve perfection of the self.

We are always rushing from here to there searching for the answers to all of our questions, but one thing has always been constant. Time. Time is our bane, our master, our ultimate downfall. How many stories of immortality have been written in the short history of the human race? What is holding us back? Think of what you could learn, the things you could perfect, if you could live forever.

The Medicants have always been the forerunners of medical technology. Our medical centers have kept the colonies healthy and whole, even under the most undesirable conditions. We have found a cure or treatment or preventative for virtually every ailment. Senescence is a disease of the body, and it can be treated.

Throughout history the field of medicine has always tried to find the elusive “fountain of youth” to extend the life of a being. Researchers by the thousands tried to tackle the disease of senescence and came up wanting. Chemicals, homeopathic cures, “ancient secrets”, anything and everything was tried and rejected. Nothing was discovered on the home world that noticeably counteracted the aging process.

It is only now, as humanity travels through the infinity of space that we have begun to find the cures. We have the capacity to prevent illness, senility, aging, and one day even death. Will you join us in saving humanity from illness?

Selective pressure fuels evolution. For too long humanity has limited itself by producing technology that stunts its ability to develop. People surround themselves with technological conveniences that they don’t even comprehend. Only when challenged can you evolve.

Do you look at the comforts around you with reserve? Do you wish to better yourself through your own strength and ingenuity? Would you rather be an artisan than a cog in an incomprehensible machine? Then the Luddites are for you!

Life is random happenstance, and so our lives are guided by a degree of unexpectedness. Technology is necessary. It allowed our distant ancestors to rise up and master our surroundings. Yet technology that replaces us – that completes jobs we can do ourselves, that detaches us from our flesh and emotions – is not to be tolerated. Medicine, tools... technology that allows some struggle is what we seek. We are masters of technology, not its slaves. Don’t let convenience condemn you to a life of unskilled mediocrity. It is only through the struggle to master our surroundings that humanity can advance.

Disciples of the Zero Sum
On a sufficiently large scale, human society begins to follow certain expected trends. Only through the understanding and prediction of humanity’s path as a whole can you possibly guide them into a golden era.

Within history there have been times, moments at which the destruction of the human species as a whole was almost a foregone conclusion. Then something changed; a light at the end of the darkness that had not been seen by most. One which yet again, like a hand into the water as you are drowning, saves you at your bleakest moment. This light has a name. We are the Disciples of the Zero Sum.

You need not be a person of wealth, stature, or high station to be of the Order. You need to have conviction, will, and the desire to lead humanity through its darkest times. We knew it was time to leave, we knew how to do it. With the right words we sent our people to the stars; our survival depended on it with accuracy well beyond the ninetieth percentile. We do not seek the praise, we do not seek their approval for if we were well known… our work would fail and the algorithm of Man’s Probable Future would crumble… We can only succeed because they are unaware of the true extent of our influence and so it must remain for all time. We are not real, we do not exist, but all of humanity benefits from our guiding hand.

And then there are the “Freeborn”…
While some high-fallutin’ folk dally away time talking about about Evolutionary Theory and the like, most folks focus on more immediate concerns, such as putting food on the table and staying warm through the winter. Those people who have chosen to ignore the Coalitions of Man have been labeled Freeborn, for they choose to live free from the restrictions on everyday life. Nine out of ten people are are practically Freeborn, as they do not pledge any allegiance to a Coalition, although not all of them follow the Freeborn way of life.

Within Freeborn communities, family is everything. As Mothership places no consideration on family ties when selecting colonists for a settlement, most people who have settled in this community have lost their families and friends and will likely never see them again. As such, Freeborn create a “family” within the community. Two of the oldest and wisest colonists are designated Grandmother and Grandfather, and they oversee the well-being of the Freeborn community. Two others are designated Mother and Father, and they are tasked with the everyday responsibilities of the Freeborn community. All others are designated “Brother” or “Sister” as they become accepted by the community. Occasionally, a community will have more than one set of parents or grandparents, which results in several branches of family within the community. This results in many Freeborn referring to each other as “cousin”, unless they are certain of their ties to the same parents.

Freeborn have a rich culture full of family traditions and community values. They share what they have, settle their matters within the family and look after each other. As often as not, this level of community can create its own problems, and family infighting is not unheard of. All things considered, Freeborn do their best to create a sense of community in an otherwise hostile world.

Re: Coalition Text Updates!
Posted by: Stu A (IP Logged)
Date: July 16, 2015 11:35AM

Luddites are a coalition! :O

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