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Summer One-day Event Details
Posted by: Derek H (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2013 12:32PM


The upcoming one-day event is fast approaching! I hope you're as excited as we are. Here is a list of details that you may find relevant to the upcoming event.


Check-in will begin at 11:30 AM in the Southbridge room. This is your chance to pay at the door, get your character sheet (only if you requested it from Amber ahead of time via personal message) and let us know that you've arrived. Even if you are all set, please give Amber a nod so she can mark you off as present.


The event will start at 1:00 PM, or whenever we are ready, whichever is sooner. This is a casual hangout-style event, so there will be little in the way of action or events outside of what characters create. The game area will remain open until 6:00 PM, after which we ask that you help us with a very quick clean-up. After that, stay, relax and enjoy the fun with your LARP friends!


The event will take place primarily in the Southbridge Room, which is located in the poolside corner of the hotel. Just follow the signs and you should be able to find it easily. We'll also be converting two hotel rooms into game locations. You are welcome to travel between the rooms at your leisure.

Here are a few rules for how to handle the game space.

a - Please do not loiter in the halls. We do not want to disturb guests of the hotel.

b - If you leave a room, please have a destination in mind and walk there immediately, with no detours.

c - Combat is possible in the main three rooms. If you engage in combat or are attacked, you cannot flee to another room. We want to avoid any chase situations in the hallways. This also means that there will be no combat or death in the hallways.

Some players have requested that their rooms be available as game space. You need to check in with us before we allow you to do this. If you are using your room as a game space, here are a few rules you need to follow:

a- Clean up your room! Don't have your personal belonging strewn all over the place. Please have your out-of-game items either in shelves or the closet. Please do your best to make the space appear in-game with what is available.

b- No combat, no death! You cannot engage in combat or kill anyone in your rooms.


We will have a trivia night on Friday at 8:00 PM in the Hotel Bar. Come test your knowledge of the Future Imperfect world and win fabulous prizes!

Sign-ups will happen at the bar, starting at 7:30 PM. You need at least three people on your team. At least three teams need to sign up in order to run this, so please join us! More details about the event will be provided when you arrive.

We look forward to you joining us!

Re: Summer One-day Event Details
Posted by: Sabrina W (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2013 12:37PM


Re: Summer One-day Event Details
Posted by: Mike I (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2013 12:49PM

Don't forget about Saturday night Karaoke in the pub! (Unless it rains then who knows where)

Re: Summer One-day Event Details
Posted by: Wendy M (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2013 01:10PM

Zach and I (and probably Mel) will try very hard to make 8pm for trivia. Mel works until five in Portsmouth, so 8 may be cutting it a bit close. Can we join in late, if needed?

Rymaus Liena “Ellie” Dax

Re: Summer One-day Event Details
Posted by: Sabrina H (IP Logged)
Date: June 25, 2013 08:44PM

Mr. and Mrs. Hyland will be there for some trivia!

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